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IoT in Action 虛擬學習

\迎接萬物聯網全新時代,如何結合 Microsoft 智慧雲端服務及其合作夥伴生態系統,快速發展全新物聯網商機?如何開創新型態商業模式,快速掌握最新技術進而加快企業轉型之路?

IoT in Action 虛擬學習體驗彙聚各產業專家全面技術剖析與成功案例分享,Microsoft 為企業帶來從邊緣到雲端的設計、構建可擴展的重複解決方案,同時集結各產業資深專家,深度分析各產業數位化轉型趨勢,協助企業在雲端構建和擴展物聯網解決方案 ,並透過全球市場合作夥伴生態系統與進入市場策略,建構開放、共贏的物聯網生態。

免費註冊收看 IoT in Action 虛擬學習,揭開企業物聯網轉型奧義,助您開啟智慧物聯新時代!

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As you look to pivot existing initiatives or receive additional support, finding the right partner is a key piece of the puzzle. Whether you need support digitizing operations, staying connected with customers, or developing solutions to better serve the needs of society, Microsoft and our partners can help you get to the next stage of your IoT journey.

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New Ecology, New Opportunities

Microsoft 助力中国物联网发展。

Get started with Azure IoT

Equip yourself with a 360-degree view of Azure IoT services including the core concepts, recent updates, news, relations and solutions in a structured, easy to digest manner.

Partner Case Study: Aitos

Showcasing partnership through the partner lens and the business value to Customers who deploy scalable repeatable solutions.

Partner Case Study: Jimi

Showcasing partnership through the partner lens and the business value to Customers who deploy scalable repeatable solutions.

Partner Case Study: Accton

Showcasing partnership through the partner lens and the business value to Customers who deploy scalable repeatable solutions.

Partner Case Study: Kion Group

Showcasing partnership through the partner lens and the business value to Customers who deploy scalable repeatable solutions.

Partner Case Study: ECS

Showcasing partnership through the partner lens and the business value to Customers who deploy scalable repeatable solutions.

Azure Sphere GA Opening

Azure Sphere is based on Microsoft's decades of hardware, software and cloud computing experience, providing a comprehensive security solution for IoT devices. At the time of the official commercial launch, MediaTek, an Azure Sphere chip partner, was invited to share MediaTek ’s experience and achievements in developing IoT security solution Azure Sphere with Microsoft, and also talk about the future development trend of the Internet of Things.

Azure Sphere Overview

Microsoft's Azure Sphere is a unique end-to-end IoT security solution in the industry. Welcome to watch this video to learn how Azure Sphere can create a highly secure system based on MCU design and use this to innovate a secure networking experience to help you create new Business models and new business opportunities.

Azure Sphere 7 Properties

We are glad to introduce 7 properties of Azure Sphere. Why is so importnat? Security is the foundation of all design architectures, defining the 7 properties for highly secure IoT devices, making security a standard that can be tested. We believe that only devices that meet these 7 properties can be called security devices. Watch this video to gain an in-depth understanding of what these seven properties contain in order to build an overall end-to-end or end-to-cloud solution.

Azure Sphere & IoT Central Cloud Applications

Here to share with the audience the integration process of Microsoft Azure IoT Central and Azure Sphere, providing Azure Sphere experts to use IoT Central to easily design a good back-end system platform, which can quickly and safely integrate Azure Sphere sensors The data is transferred to the cloud of IoT Central, in addition to the end-to-end secure transmission of Azure IoT, so that users can quickly construct a highly secure and quickly deployable IoT solution.

Azure Sphere + Data & AI Cloud Applications

Microsoft's Azure Sphere solution provides customers with a highly secure hardware and software design platform, how it can efficiently use Data and AI resources on the Microsoft cloud. The protection of data can effectively allow IoT to collaborate well with the data platform on Microsoft Cloud, so that customers can safely put data on Microsoft's cloud platform to help companies solve huge data and internal enterprise Operating status.

Azure Sphere ecosystem : Cortex-M4 development experiences

MediaTek MT3620 is the first MCU micro processor certified by Azure Sphere. We invited Azure Sphere ’s ecosystem partner MediaTek to share with us the Azure Sphere MT3620 ecosystem and create a development environment for MCU users , And assist developers to successfully apply it to related applications.

Azure Sphere ecosystem : Tiny ML

TinyML, a small machine learning on Azure Sphere, is one of the hottest topics recently. We invited Azure Sphere MT3620 chip supplier-MediaTek to introduce us to Azure Sphere MT3620 with machine learning enabled, using NeuroPilot-Micro Accelerate machine learning operations, use this machine learning platform to solve problems in various fields, and create more innovative applications.

Azure Sphere best practice : Industrial Guardian Module

To understand more how the WISE 4000 series of industrial guardian modules produced by Advantech can help system integrators easily build IoT applications through various I / O combinations, providing a reliable solution for protecting the industrial IoT.

Azure Sphere best practice : Wi-Fi+BLE Guardian Module

Through cooperation with Microsoft, USI has developed Azure Sphere chip modules and guardian modules for customers. According to different customer needs, it provides technical support in the platform design process, such as wiring review, antenna performance adjustment, software integration into system certification, To easily upgrade its equipment, make it more intelligent and safe, and help provide customers with different levels of products and quality Internet of Things solutions.

Azure Sphere best practice : Smarting Lighting

Welcome to learn more about AAEON smart lighting solutions, how to use Azure Sphere for secure remote monitoring, to control and collect usage data of street lighting, and to help discover and solve potential street lights through the designed platform Problems, knowing the operating status of lighting equipment, saving manpower costs and achieving the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction, towards the deployment of smart cities.

Azure Sphere best practice : Scaling IoT Blockchain

To discuss a hot topic in the field of Internet of Things-scalable blockchain solutions. We can understand that Azure Sphere is a highly secure edge device, and it is perfectly matched with ITM. When the blockchain and security devices are merged, they can create the value of trust and provide a total cloud-to-device solution.

Azure Sphere best practice : Cellular based Guardian Module

Welcome to understand more about how TECHWARE uses Azure Sphere Guardian Module based on LTE mobile network to connect with mobile network through standard mini PCI interface, which is a safe and convenient way to control the existing system.

Azure Sphere best practice : InnoAGE Smart SSD

Welcome to watch this video to understand Innodisk's innovative development in the storage industry. InnoAGE is the world's first SSD product designed specifically for the AIoT architecture. Learn how InnoAGE is highly integrated with Microsoft Azure Sphere and can be securely connected via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connect to the cloud. InnoAGE with out-of-band signals can provide independent channels, thereby helping to improve equipment maintenance and management efficiency, and can help system integrators shorten the time to market for IoT projects. It is indeed a powerful innovation for the storage industry. Through Azure Sphere, InnoAGE SSD Provide powerful security and management performance.

Azure Sphere best practice : Industrial air quality sensing

With its industrial-grade air quality detector solution, Sysinno integrates multiple miniature sensor elements together and connects to existing air quality improvement equipment. It can measure physical, chemical and environmental factors, and collect data with Azure Sphere to ensure Internet of Things The safety of the equipment on the site, continuous monitoring of air quality, is committed to assisting people to live in high-quality air environments.

Azure Sphere best practice : mPCIe interfaced Guardian Module

Embux provides iON-5 Guardian Module. The main application is in IoT Gateway, and EAS-WM1 Guardian Board is mainly installed in IPC to upgrade to a highly secure device. The integration of Azure Sphere will improve safety and ensure system stability. Internet security will undoubtedly be guaranteed.

Azure Sphere best practice : Smart Aquaculture applications

Through Azure Sphere, Vivantex continues to provide green food sustainable solutions for aquaculture and agricultural users through the Internet of Things, using Microsoft Azure Sphere secure WiFi chip to create an unprecedented smart aquaculture system on the aquaculture Internet of Things (AIoT) solution. To make its solutions technically and scientifically managed to ensure the reduction of risks and improve the quality of healthy food for farmers and consumers.