How to modernize the food and agriculture industry using Blockchain – Bosch trueFood+

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trueFood+ is Blockchain based solution enabling end to end supply chain transparency, provenance & real-time visibility. The solution provides a view into the key details of origin, transport & production throughout the farm to fork supply & consumption chain, allowing stakeholders to respond better to demands and changes in them.

The platform communicates with IoT condition monitoring devices to keep track of the environment around the produce during transit & storage and further report adverse events to regulators and relevant stakeholders.

Truefood+, harnessing the bouquet of Azure services, offers a comprehensive bundle of value propositions including:

  • Food Freshness
  • Food Safety
  • Food Waste Reduction
  • Food Sustainability
  • Food Traceability & Targeted Recall and
  • Integration to Existing IT System

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